FinTech is currently one of the fastest-growing sectors and is continuing to evolve rapidly, forecast to exceed $950 billion by 2030. Open Banking initiatives world-wide have enabled innovation and there is a huge opportunity for service providers in this space. FinTech businesses are revolutionizing the way we interact with money by using digital banking technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, blockchain and automation as well as increasing accessibility to traditionally underserved populations.  

However, FinTech is not without its challenges.  

One of the biggest challenges facing the sector is the need to comply with a complex and ever-changing regulatory landscape. FinTech companies need to navigate a maze of regulations, including those relating to anti-money laundering, consumer protection and data privacy. As companies are often in hyperscale mode, there is also the need to raise money and provide a full range of legal solutions to the business as it scales.  

At Arbor Law, our team of lawyers has worked in senior legal positions in industry, in FinTech and beyond. We have worked on a multi-jurisdictional level with FinTech businesses at all stages of growth. We understand the start-up ecosystem and opportunities, but also the myriad of challenges that come with a complex regulatory landscape with emerging technologies and new consumer patterns.  

Our senior lawyers work with your FinTech business as a Virtual General Counsel, ensuring access to an experienced senior lawyer who acts as legal partner as you scale. Our lawyers slot in to deliver pragmatic, commercial advice whilst managing risk and supporting growth. We aim to be the best business partners we can for you and your growing FinTech business – senior lawyers who act as an extension of your team at a fraction of the cost. 

To find out more about how we can work with your business as a Virtual General Counsel, Contact Us. 

Some of the areas we advise and support businesses and legal teams on include:

Corporate Finance

Helping you raise money

Commercial Agreements

Negotiating your sales and Saas agreements

Multi-jurisdictional regulatory and compliance

Working internationally to support you on all aspects of your regulatory journey, including FCA compliance

Data protection and Intellectual Property

Ensuring your assets are protected for growth

Employment Law

From employee share schemes to general employments law advice on policies and procedures