Procurement and Outsourcing

As expert procurement lawyers, we partner with both the buyers and providers of technology including equipment, software and services. We advise on all aspects of the procurement process from procurement strategy, structuring bids, shortlisting, contracts award, contract negotiation and contract management.

We have worked across a range of sectors when it comes to procurement. Understanding the challenges faced by all parties in the procurement process is something we invest in. Our procurement team works with clients to ensure a robust and compliant commercial process, working closely with commercial and finance teams on large transactions and projects. 

Some of the areas we advise and support businesses and legal teams on include:

Information Technology

The procurement and supply of a range of information technology (software, services and maintenance, systems integration and cloud computing solutions)

Infrastructure Projects

The procurement of equipment and services for major infrastructure projects

Business Process Services

The procurement and supply of business process services including facilities management, human resources and logistics operations both in the UK and globally