Legal Advice for Start-Up Businesses

If you’re an ambitious start-up business owner looking for legal support with structuring your business, defining your intellectual property strategy or employment contracts, then our experienced start-up lawyers can help you on your journey.

We help entrepreneurs and founders launch and grow their businesses with the right legal foundations in place.

Kickstarting your new business

Many of our team at Arbor Law have been business owners in fast-growth start-ups and scale-ups, so we understand that the legal aspects can often seem onerous and costly. However, having them in place at the outset is critical for scaling your business with ease and avoiding expensive mistakes down the line.

You want your legal obligations to be taken care of so you can focus on building a successful business. At Arbor Law, we partner with your start-up business to ensure you invest in the right legal advice and documents, building you a stable legal base.

Delivering specialist legal advice

As part of our legal solutions, we provide specialist advice on:

  • Business structure
  • Investment opportunities
  • Intellectual property
  • Data protection
  • Employment and supplier contracts.

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Fixed fees for cost-certainty

We know you need to manage costs, so offer start-up business packages on a fixed-fee basis. This includes time with one of our senior lawyers so you can get “in-person” specialist legal advice and reassurance, as well as help with your essential legal agreements and documents.

If you’re looking for flexible legal services and support with growing your business, then take a look at the start-up business packages we offer:

Great start-ups are often created by friends, partners or connections with a shared passion or interest. All too often that enthusiasm to take a new idea to market is so intense, you might miss out on one of the most fundamental legal documents to get in place: a founders’ agreement. Having an agreement up front to align on expectations and have a plan if things change is absolutely key.

We work with founders to ensure they have an agreement in place that will see the business through any changes. This package includes:

  • Consultation session with founders
  • Walkthrough to discuss all key issues including:
    • Board structure – how are decisions made
    • Shareholder rights – protections for minority shareholders
    • Vesting of shares – what happens if one founder leaves?
    • Assignment of IP – ensure everything you and your team is doing is properly owned by the company
    • Creation of a customised founders’ agreement

To enquire about a founder’s agreement for your start-up business, contact one of the team at Arbor Law.

Raising early-stage funding is one of the most important milestones when you are growing your start-up. As well as developing a robust business model and plan, you need to make sure that you have the necessary legal documents in place for investors to consider backing you.

Our lawyers will work with you to make sure you have a suite of documents that makes you investor ready. These include:

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Articles of association
  • Deed of adherence
  • Investor certification
  • Board minutes
  • Shareholder resolutions

To enquire about our investor ready start-up package for your business, contact one of the team at Arbor Law.

As start-ups scale and grow, it’s important to invest in your people and retain many of those who have contributed to its success.

An EMI (Enterprise Management Incentives) option scheme provides employees the right to buy shares in the company in a very tax efficient way.

To enquire about an EMI option scheme agreement for your start-up business, contact one of the team at Arbor Law.

We work as virtual general counsel for start-up businesses who are going through funding rounds and need ongoing support from a law firm. One of our team of senior lawyers will plug into your business to provide the support you need during this phase of growth and create your in-house legal team for the future, bringing in the right people, the right technology and creating the right legal processes.

We offer this service on a cost-effective fixed monthly fee.

Find out more about our virtual general counsel solution.

Providing start up legal advice

We offer a free 30-minute discovery call for start-up businesses at any stage of growth with one of our expert team of lawyers. During this session, we will discuss your business, any legal issues and advice on the essential items you need to have in place.

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