Arbor Law have been working with LA-based dental supply company PureLife Dental for a number of years as their Virtual General Counsel. We spoke to PureLife founder and CEO Omar Al-Midani about partnering with Arbor Law.

Firstly, tell us about PureLife.  

PureLife has been in business since 2009. We started the company to try to bring about change and make an impact in healthcare. We wanted to tackle the issues that were not being addressed, mainly reducing the negative environmental impact of the industry. We started small by offsetting 100% of carbon emissions in the distribution of supplies, then we tackled the issue of medical waste and mercury waste. As we have grown, we have engaged with our suppliers and contract manufacturers to improve the products by increasing the amount of recyclable materials in disposables and eliminating toxic chemicals in the formulation of some of the most popular items.  

We do what we do because we want to make a difference. Our company evolves around our ability to drive that impact. 

It’s great to hear about a company with such a purpose around this. What challenges led you to looking into a legal resourcing solution for PureLife and how did Arbor help? 

We wanted to find a law firm who were business minded, understood the entrepreneurial mindset, were practical and economically reasonable. As a fast-growth start-up, we needed to work with lawyers who would help us mitigate risk whilst enabling business and not let costs get out of control. We had worked with one larger law firm and the costs for just a small employment law matter were hard to bear. So we engaged Arbor Law to assist in business operations and strategic initiatives acting as our Virtual General Counsel. We rely on Arbor Law for advice on corporate matters, commercial contracts, employment contracts, data protection and IP matters. Recently they have been involved in a project for a major re-finance of PureLife, helping us negotiate better terms. They also advised us on our strategic partnerships. There is a keen sense with the team at Arbor Law and our Virtual General Counsel that the business drives the legal process and not the other way around, which is refreshing as a founder. We get experienced insight, but in a flexible way. 

Was there a particular reason you decided to work with Arbor Law over another firm? 

We chose Arbor Law based on its team of senior in-house lawyers, who were recommended to us by another entrepreneur. When it comes to lawyers, it is all about chemistry and finding the right one to work with.  

We couldn’t agree more – people buy people. So, the killer question all founder clients working with lawyers might want to know. How have you and the business benefitted from working with Arbor Law?  

Working with Kate at Arbor Law, we get continuity and coverage from someone who understands the business and our risk tolerance on a flexible basis which works well for a small business. We get sound, reasonable, savvy business and legal advice, great attention to detail and responsive legal support, all with a personal touch. We save time and money and feel like they are on the journey with us.  

Thanks Omar, for taking the time to speak with us. You can check out PureLife’s website on www.purelifedental.com 

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