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The energy sector is driving the creation of new technologies to tackle the climate change crisis.

With new developments in green hydrogen and direct air capture pushing the frontiers of power generation, as well as innovation and AI-driven solutions in power management optimisation and energy networks, it’s important that companies understand their legal requirements as they embark on their decarbonisation journey.

Providing a legal perspective

As lawyers at the forefront of energy and technology, we have deep-rooted experience of the digitalisation of the energy sector. Having been involved in the smart metering network roll-out, you can rely on us to guide you through energy law and regulations and oversee the infrastructure of your project from a legal perspective.

From advising on commercial contracts to specialising in energy regulation, we’re here to support you with navigating ongoing energy reforms and programmes at both domestic and European level.

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Delivering legal services to meet energy regulations

Our team of infrastructure and energy lawyers provide a comprehensive range of legal services, tailored to the challenges and opportunities that come with doing business in the energy sector:

Our expert lawyers provide energy law advice and guidance on energy policy and regulation. Whether it’s advising on energy reform, code, governance or dispute, you have access to experts who can guide you through the regulations in line with current domestic and European programmes and initiatives in the renewable generation, wholesale, supply and retail markets.

When it comes to delivering your energy agreements, it’s critical that you have the documentation in place to demonstrate your regulations and achievements. Our team can take the responsibility for drafting, negotiating and delivering energy agreements, such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), fuel supply agreements, Contracts-for-Differences (CfDs), Grid Trade Master Agreements (GTMAs), Emissions Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs) and International Swaps and Derivatives Associate Master Agreements (ISDAs).

As your technology continues to evolve, it’s important that your company has the policies and procedures in place to protect your data and innovation. At Arbor Law, we protect sensitive information and ensure your data isn’t compromised.

Get advice on a range of IP-related contracts in the energy sector, including SaaS agreements; IP licencing and assignments; IP protection; and exploitation and rights clearances.

We keep the efficiency of your team and project in check by supporting you with legal operations. Working alongside our team of legal operations specialists, we provide access to the tools to optimise your reporting matrix and strategic planning, helping your team and project to run smoothly.

We’re here to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of your technology in the energy sector. We provide specialist corporate advice at every stage of your project, to ensure that it stays on the right side of energy law regulations.

Arbor Law offers expert legal support for global infrastructure projects, providing comprehensive services to manage the complexities of large-scale developments. Our experienced lawyers specialise in contract negotiation, regulatory compliance, risk management, and dispute resolution for infrastructure projects worldwide. Whether you’re involved in energy, transport, or construction projects, our team ensures your interests are protected and your project runs smoothly. Trust Arbor Law’s global infrastructure project lawyers to deliver strategic legal solutions tailored to your needs.

Handling disputes in the energy and infrastructure sectors requires specialised legal expertise. At Arbor Law, our experienced lawyers provide strategic advice and representation in resolving conflicts related to construction, regulatory compliance, contractual issues, and project delays. We focus on achieving favourable outcomes while minimising disruptions to your projects. Trust Arbor Law to manage your energy and infrastructure disputes effectively, ensuring your interests are protected and your operations continue smoothly.

Ensuring compliance in the energy sector is critical to avoid regulatory penalties and operational disruptions. Arbor Law offers specialised compliance solutions tailored for the energy industry, including regulatory audits, risk assessments, and ongoing compliance management. Our expert team helps you navigate complex regulations, implement best practices, and maintain compliance across all aspects of your operations. Trust Arbor Law to provide comprehensive and proactive compliance solutions that safeguard your business and support sustainable growth.

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