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From the moment of inception, corporate law is there to support the ongoing success of your company. Working with an experienced corporate lawyer, your company can navigate challenges and opportunities with confidence whilst maintaining compliance with legal regulations.

At Arbor Law, our corporate legal services team have experience in supporting businesses throughout their entire lifecycle. From formation to acquisition, our lawyers will assess the current position of your company to provide tailored advice. No matter what size your business is or what industry you operate in, we are here to support your continued success in the ever evolving economic landscape.

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What corporate legal services we offer

Advice through every stage of your business life cycle. Find out how we can support the development of your company with our corporate legal services.

We are experienced corporate M&A lawyers who have worked in global law firms and companies running international deals and bring that experience to companies of all sizes. Our corporate M&A lawyers are experts in the sale and purchases of companies and assets, and highly experienced in contractual negotiations and due diligence. We assist our clients through all stages of the deals process.


Safeguarding your company’s interests is our top priority. We offer expert legal advice at every step of the joint venture process. From establishing equity participation to drafting shareholder agreements and exit and termination strategies, we help your business maximise the benefits and minimise the risks.

Our corporate team have widespread experience in Banking and Finance. Our experienced lawyers have represented banks, lenders and corporate borrowers of all sizes with documenting their lending and borrowing transactions.

We bring years of banking and finance sector expertise to ensure the lending or borrowing terms reflect the needs of our clients, whether advising on bank facilities, terms of security or standard loan terms and conditions.

Our corporate law services encompass a variety of company structure matters including the expert guidance of formation procedure, directors’ duties and shareholder rights, as well as navigating changes in share ownership. Whether you are looking to start a new business or managing transitions in an existing organisation, we ensure you have a solid foundation for growth.

Raising funds can be vital to achieving your strategic goals. Our team of corporate lawyers are here to help you develop a capital raising strategy. By advising on investment structures and negotiating term sheets, we can support your company towards sustained growth. Whether you’re seeking capital from seed, angel, VC, corporate, venture debt, or private equity, you can rely on us to secure the funding your company needs.

Restructuring your business can lead to significant improvements in both operational and financial efficiency. However, it can also involve intricate processes that will require the knowledge of a corporate law specialist. This is where we can help. Our corporate legal services include company reorganisations, share capital reductions and debt refinancing. We can help your business to approach strategic restructuring decisions with confidence.

Navigating the complexities of business acquisitions requires expert legal guidance. Our business acquisition lawyers at Arbor Law are dedicated to ensuring a smooth and successful transaction. We offer comprehensive services including due diligence, contract negotiation, regulatory compliance, and post-acquisition integration. Trust our experienced team to protect your interests and achieve your strategic objectives efficiently and effectively.

Our corporate legal services team

With decades of experiences in business law, our expert team of lawyers have delivered legal advice to a wide range of clients, including international companies, founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, private equity law firms, venture capitalists, banks, and other financial services businesses.

When you partner with us, you will gain access to one of our senior corporate lawyers, who will seamlessly integrate into your team to deliver the support you need.

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