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12 Jun 2024
ATOL reforms

Continuing her series of blogs on changes to the regulatory landscape impacting the travel industry, Sarah Batterbury looks at the upcoming reforms to ATOL protection.

23 May 2024
How do I develop an AI acceptable use policy for my business?

With more and more AI tools and applications coming to market, many organisations are already looking at the official use of AI within their business operations, as well facing the challenge of” shadow use” of AI.

16 May 2024
The global cost of data breaches

Commercial Technology and Data lawyer and Arbor co-founder Ed Rea looks at recent reports and industry communications relating to cybersecurity. According to a recent report by IBM the average cost of a data breach by businesses in 2023 was an astonishing $4.45 million.

3 May 2024
What are the implications of the new package travel regulations?

Sarah Batterbury, a commercial lawyer at Arbor Law specialising in the travel tech industry, will be looking at how the legislature is approaching regulating the industry post COVID over a series of blogs.

18 Apr 2024
Changes to Paternity and Maternity Leave entitlements 2024 – is your business ready?

From 6th April 2024, changes were implemented to Paternity Leave entitlements in England, Scotland and Wales. Arbor Law’s Fiona Morgan addresses these changes to help employers comply with the new rules.

8 Apr 2024
Redundancies - Part 2: Collective Redundancies

Employers, HR and company directors have much to contemplate when analysing the need for mass redundancies. In this blog, the second of a two-part series, Arbor Law’s Fiona Morgan looks at what they must consider regarding collective redundancies.

27 Mar 2024
Doing Justice to Your Merchant Payment Contracts - A Starting Point

The first in a series of articles from Arbor Law’s James Sanford, which examines fundamental issues that any merchant business may need to consider when contracting for payment services.

20 Mar 2024
New right to Carer’s Leave – is your business ready?

From 6th April 2024, employees in England, Scotland and Wales will have a new statutory right to Carer’s Leave. Arbor Law’s Fiona Morgan addresses some of the most commonly asked questions to help businesses prepare for this new law.

7 Mar 2024
Arbor Law's Kate Bennett on latest, 'Women in FinTech Powerlist'

Arbor Law is proud to announce that co-founder and Director Kate Bennett has today (March 7) been included in the Innovate Finance ‘Women in FinTech Powerlist 2023’.

5 Mar 2024
Redundancies - Part 1: Getting the basics right

Redundancies are a regrettable fact of life for companies of all sizes. It is important to get the process right and key to this is employers keeping abreast of regulation. In this two-part series, Arbor Law’s Fiona Morgan looks at the basic approach to making individuals redundant.

21 Feb 2024
Deepfakes and Generative AI Legal Issues

Advances in generative AI technology are forcing law-makers around the world to act quickly to try and keep up.

29 Jan 2024
Financial promotions: new tests for High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investors

If you’re an angel investor or raising funds for start-up, the exemptions for High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investors are changing.

19 Jan 2024
FinTech One World, Many Rules

Understanding FinTech Legal and Regulatory Variations Across Borders

18 Jan 2024
Arbor Law Expands Global Presence with New Office in the United Arab Emirates

We are thrilled to announce the opening of a new office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This strategic expansion marks a significant milestone in the firm's commitment to providing exceptional legal services to clients on a global basis.

6 Nov 2023
Employment Contracts that Matter: How to Secure Your Business's Future

Introducing the right employment contracts, policies, and procedures goes a long way to ensuring the long-term success and stability of your business.

31 Oct 2023
Smoother Operations: How to foster a culture of continuous improvement in your legal team

In the final blog of the Smoother Operations series we will be discussing continuous improvement and how to ensure ensure you and your legal team keep optimising your legal function.

23 Oct 2023
Smoother Operations: The Importance of Good Governance in your Legal Operations

Smoother Operations is our blog series on all things Legal Operations. For the penultimate part of this series, we are looking at governance in Legal Operations and the three pillars of policies, communication and culture.

29 Sep 2023
Navigating the Intersection of AI and Business Law: What You Need to Know

Understand the legal challenges and solutions surrounding AI and business law from Iain Simmons, Senior Consultant at Arbor Law.

12 Sep 2023
ChatGPT: Legal, Compliance, and Security Issues for your organisation
Part 2

In part two of this mini blog series, Arbor Law’s Data Protection specialist Clara Westbrook discusses the laws surrounding the use of AI and its regulation.

7 Sep 2023
ChatGPT: Legal, Compliance, and Security Issues for your organisation
Part 1

Arbor Law’s Data Protection specialist Clara Westbrook discusses the legal, compliance and security issues you need to be aware of as you harness the ever evolving power of ChatGPT in this article.

11 Aug 2023
Why good corporate governance is important

The pivotal role of good corporate governance in business and why it's a key determinant of corporate success, sustainability, and trust.

7 Aug 2023
Smoother Operations: Getting personal when it comes to your Legal Ops

Arbor Law’s Legal Operations expert Neil Smith on how Legal Operations can play a part in making the life of an in-house lawyer better.

29 Jun 2023
The Unprecedented Growth of Fintech: Regulatory Compliance Guide 2023

FinTech has transformed traditional financial services, harnessing technologies from cloud computing to blockchain and AI leading to a flurry of new laws and regulations.

26 Jun 2023
Smooth Operations for your Legal Team: Technology

This month's Smooth Operations series sees Legal Ops specialist Neil Smith talk about how technology is a core part of Legal Operations.

17 May 2023
What I wish I had known before becoming a lawyer

As we head towards end of year exam time and the next generation are pondering careers, we took a moment to chat to some of our team of in-house lawyers at Arbor Law, to find out what they wish they had known before pursuing a career in law.

15 May 2023
Alternative career paths for lawyers - factsheet

The way we work has evolved and, even in the most traditional careers alternative paths have sprung up. Find out all you'll need to know if you are considering an alternative law career path and going it as either a freelancer, an interim lawyer or a legal consultant with an alternative model.

10 May 2023
Battle for survival: How to prepare your business for the recession

The business forecast is more uncertain than ever. Everyone talks about tightening their purse strings and the importance of prioritising, but how can this be applied when it’s your business at stake?

2 May 2023
Smooth Operations for your Legal Team: Service Delivery

In this month’s Smooth Operations blog, we are chatting to Neil about all things Service Delivery.

24 Apr 2023
A guide to demerging a company

A demerger of a company is time-consuming and complicated. Our corporate lawyers guide you through the process and the legal work involved.

16 Mar 2023
Smooth Legal Operations

Arbor Law was joined recently by seasoned legal operations expert Neil Smith. We spent some time chatting to Neil for his take on everything you need to know when it comes to legal operations.

24 Feb 2023
Arbor Law kicks off 2023 with new Legal Operations and Employment Law services

15 Feb 2023
How to handle the difficult task of making staff redundant

Staff redundancies can be an unfortunate necessity for business owners in the current economic climate. Our team of employment specialists give their advice on how to handle this difficult task.

9 Jan 2023
Forgive and Forget: How to resolve a shareholder dispute

Disputes between shareholders can be time-consuming, expensive and an unhealthy distraction from running your business. Find out how to resolve a shareholder dispute.

18 Nov 2022
Does big data require big protection?

The importance of big data and data protection continues to grow. Find out how your business can effectively manage data to avoid financial and reputational damage.

13 Oct 2022
The evolution of NFTs: From Legal Issues to Financial Opportunities

You’ve probably heard about NFTs, but maybe you aren’t 100% sure exactly what they are and why they matter… Here’s our introduction to NFTs, what they are and the things you need to know about them.

26 Aug 2022
How lawyers can help businesses respond to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

26 Aug 2022
Don't follow the leader: How to handle multiple resignations.

We might have been talking about “the great resignation” for more than a year, but it was recent events in Westminster that brought the subject of mass resignations home for many businesses across the UK.

27 May 2022
Why small businesses benefit from an outsourced general counsel

Outsourced general counsel are changing the legal game for small businesses

27 May 2022
Arbor Law welcomes corporate law expert Richard Ufland to its team

This month we welcome a new senior lawyer to our growing corporate team at Arbor Law.

28 Mar 2022
Growing our team of in-house lawyers

We’re searching for the best senior lawyers – but isn’t everyone?

21 Mar 2022
Energy specialist Nick Kelly joins the team at Arbor Law

We’re continuing our growth in 2022 here at Arbor Law as we welcome Nick Kelly to the team.

9 Jul 2021
Arbor Law Welcomes Three New Lawyers to the Team

Three senior lawyers have joined our team at Arbor as we continue with our growth plans for 2022 and beyond.

9 Jul 2021
Ed's Data Security Roundup

Commercial Technology and Data Lawyer and Arbor co-founder Ed Rea summarises recent developments, trends and hot topics in Data Security Law in the following Data Security Law roundup.

9 Jul 2021
Ed's Data Privacy Roundup

Commercial Technology and Data Lawyer and Arbor co-founder Ed Rea summarises recent developments, trends and hot topics in Data Privacy Law in the following Data Privacy law roundup.

5 Jul 2021
Ed's Tech Law Roundup - July 2021

Commercial Technology and Data Lawyer and Arbor co-founder Ed Rea summarises some recent developments, trends and hot topics in Tech law in the following Tech law roundup.

22 Jun 2021
Ten years of being virtual lawyers.

The team at Arbor Law have been “virtual lawyers” for many years now, well before so many of us were required to move our entire working worlds online. We have serviced our clients with a mix of hybrid working and often fully virtually for the last decade.

19 May 2021
The General Counsel and the Non-Executive Director: a powerful collaboration

Our co-founder Kate Bennett is a corporate and securities and governance and compliance lawyer who works with corporate clients of all sizes. In this blog, Kate discusses her thoughts when it comes to the all-important partnership between the General Counsel and Non-Executive Directors to ensure good governance.

1 Jun 2021
Starting off your start-up on the right foot

As a start-up business, investing in a founders' agreement is amongst the most important legal documents to get in place. By our very own co-founder Dan Adams.