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Robust corporate governance frameworks are integral to the success of your business. They protect your directors from liability and enhance shareholder value. In the current legal and regulatory environment, oversight of board committees, company standards of corporate governance, risk management and internal controls and disclosure are critical when it comes to securing investment and protecting your reputation.

Supporting your pillars of good corporate governance

If you’re looking to attract senior talent, additional investment and improve workforce and stakeholder engagement, then a modern corporate governance framework allows you to adapt quickly, mitigate risk and build trust with future shareholders and board committees.

We have practical expertise and extensive legal experience when it comes to good governance and compliance for private and public companies. Our full suite of services enables head office, general counsel and company secretarial teams to improve their operations, manage risk and safeguard employees. By providing sound legal advice in areas not covered by in house-teams, we can support in particularly complex corporate governance areas or where internal resources may be stretched.

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How we support your in-house team with our corporate governance legal services

We can help you with managing, supporting and providing corporate law advice on the following matters:

Senior management and board committees can benefit from a legal perspective when it comes to rules and regulations of the business. Our corporate governance lawyers can provide legal representation and support for board and committee structures and terms of reference, board and NED independence and board composition. We can also support with drafting appointment letters and contracts, directors’ duties and conflicts of interest and delivering boardroom induction and training programmes.

Making sure your business is compliant with the latest legislation in your industry is paramount for business protection. As part of our corporate governance services, if you are a listed company, we ensure your business is following best practice and compliance with institutional guidelines, the UK Corporate Governance Code, Listing Rules, AIM Rules, Disclosure and Transparency Rules, Companies Act 2006 and the Takeover Code. We also provide support with insider dealing protocols and share dealing codes, anti-bribery and anti-corruption policies and drafting of regulatory announcements.

ESG is a holistic and systematic review of corporate governance which evaluates the effects of a business on its employees and the community as a whole, from the perspectives of social and environmental impact. ESG laws and regulations are developing at pace and potentially applicable to a variety of business sectors which may necessitate the development of an ESG strategy and/or meeting reporting obligations, such as gender pay gap, climate-related impacts and prevention of modern slavery. A well organised and responsible business may find it helpful to implement a policy that harmonises an existing corporate governance framework with applicable ESG rules and regulations.

Identifying and mitigating risks before they become a problem enables businesses to be proactive, prepared and make the right decisions. We empower you by giving you the tools to manage risk by creating an internal control framework design, including drafting and implementation of internal governance policies, procedures, risk registers, systems and oversight.

Preparing for and managing unexpected situations that can potentially affect your business, employees and stakeholders, is crucial for protecting company reputation and preventing permanent damage. We can define a crisis management process to overcome internal and external challenges and reduce the impact they have on your business, stakeholders and shareholders.

Making sure your company operations run smoothly is all part of running a successful and healthy work environment. We provide day-to-day company secretarial support to both private and publicly listed companies.

Our corporate governance lawyers

With decades of legal experience providing legal advice for corporate clients, our expert lawyers work with your company’s secretary and head office teams to support them with a full range of corporate matters and ensure that you’re acting as a good governance business.

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