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The Telecommunications sector is a hotbed of growth, innovation, and disruption. Spearheading transformative trends such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, OpenRAN, and Virtual Reality, companies in this industry are increasingly prioritising cybersecurity. As these technologies continue to evolve, the legal landscape becomes more complex, demanding specialised guidance.

At Arbor Law, we understand the challenges and opportunities that come with evolving technologies. Our team of telecoms lawyers is dedicated to providing expert legal advice tailored to the unique needs of companies operating in this fast-paced industry.

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How we support your Telecoms company

As the telecoms sector becomes increasingly sophisticated, our telecoms lawyers are here to support your company in navigating a range of agreements and regulations.

We recognise the importance of seamless backhaul services for the smooth functioning of your telecommunication networks. Our lawyers are experts in negotiating agreements for the provision of backhaul services, as well as providing support with field services and spare parts management.

Drawing on our extensive experience in the Telecoms sector, we understand the significance of securing necessary equipment, software, and services. With our industry knowledge, we can assist you in drafting robust sales and procurement agreements. We can also help you navigate risks and approach commercial purchases with confidence.

Wholesale leased line services play a critical role in providing reliable connectivity for companies. Our telecoms lawyers are well-versed in the Telecoms Code. Our team can help you establish agreements for the provision of wholesale leased lines and roaming and interconnect agreements between mobile operators. We can also help your company establish a robust network for electronic communications.

The successful deployment of fibre networks is vital for sector growth. Our lawyers are up to date with all the latest regulatory developments, including the new Electronic Communications Code. Leveraging our expertise in the code, we can assist you in negotiating construction agreements that enable the delivery of high-speed connectivity to your clients and customers.

We offer exceptional support to Telecoms companies, specialising in managed service agreements for radio network operations. Managing radio networks can be complex, but our tailored legal solutions meet the unique needs of any company looking for seamless radio network operations.

The telecoms industry is heavily regulated, and our telecoms team is well-equipped to provide comprehensive support with master service agreements. Our solicitors can help your company obtain the necessary agreements, licences, and permits, ensuring regulatory compliance is maintained. We can also act as your legal representation when interacting with regulatory bodies.

Our telecoms law specialists

At Arbor Law, we have a team of highly experienced Telecoms law specialists. Our senior lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge gained from working as integral members of in-house legal teams at some of the world’s largest Telecommunications companies.

We have a track record of progressing market-leading deals. We have overseen major infrastructure projects and negotiated commercial contracts for both mobile and fibre networks. We are well-versed in providing strategic advice to fixed-line carriers, telecoms operators, networking providers, and start-up companies.

Our understanding of Telecommunications allows us to provide legal advice that meets industry regulations and exceeds business expectations.

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