Growing our team of in-house lawyers

We’re searching for the best senior lawyers – but isn’t everyone?

The legal market has transformed over the last decade. More clients understand the commercial benefits that flexible legal resourcing brings when it comes to creating efficiencies in legal teams.  More General Counsels are looking to diversify their buying mix.  Business owners want a direct line to a senior lawyer without the hierarchy.  

All these factors mean that Arbor Law is in high demand and we’re actively investing in finding highly experienced and commercial lawyers to meet our clients’ needs. 

The changing legal landscape 

We’re a seasoned team of senior in-house lawyers at Arbor Law and we’ve been around long enough to see the disruption of more traditional law firms.  We’ve all worked in major global law firms as well as in-house in businesses.  Since setting up Arbor Law three years ago, we have seen the legal services sector continue to evolve for both clients and lawyers. 

Quality, quality and quality again

What we offer is straightforward – the highest quality legal advice we were trained to deliver from working in leading global law firms, combined with the commercial pragmatism developed working in industry to ensure that our lawyers are seen as a valued business partner.  We are dedicated to the sectors we work in – from financial services, telecoms, technology and media to energy and dynamic sub-sectors such as travel tech and fin tech.  We also understand the need for lawyers to be great leaders and role models and guardians of what is right in the business.  

Striking out on your own, whilst being part of something

We’ve been speaking with lots of senior lawyers recently and have spotted some common trends when it comes to those who are considering working with us.  They want to strike out on their own.  They are confident about what they do. They are committed to outstanding client service and want to continue to deliver that in a more entrepreneurial role.  

But they don’t want to do this on their own.  It’s hard with so much to think of from business development to billing to compliance and insurance.  Some of our lawyers want help to find those first few clients to set them off on the road to building their own practice.  Plus they want to have a structure to plug into where they can scale.  And they want to make a real, meaningful impact to the direction of a growing business and have their say in how it could grow. 

Helping to make Arbor Law a great place to work  

Over these past ten years, we have watched disruptive new legal start-ups grow rapidly to the point that many now resemble bigger law firms in size and structure. And whilst this is a comfortable move for many transitioning over from big law firms, we know many who are excited at the proposition of leaving behind being “small fish in a big pond” to sitting side by side with us at Arbor Law, growing and shaping the business. 

We want you to come to us and tell us – what makes you tick? What would make you join our team, if you are looking for a change, over any number of other law firms you might join?  How can we genuinely make this a great place for us all to work?  

Help us build our culture at Arbor Law

If this has piqued your interest, then you are probably someone we would love to chat with, to tell you more about our commitment to our team and to discuss how we might work together.  

I am always interested in speaking with people looking to make this move. As co-founder of the business and someone who has made this journey myself, I know it takes time and research before taking the plunge. Drop me a line on and I’d love to hear your ideas.