Partnering with Watching That as their Virtual General Counsel 

As a successful start-up business, you need a legal partner who is on the entire growth journey with you. We spoke with Watching That Founder Cameron Church about how Arbor Law supports their team. 

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us Cam. So tell us a bit about Watching That and what you do? 

Watching That is a leading measurement and monitoring platform for the streaming video industry and fast-growth start-up. We sell technology and services to the global broadcasting industry and help “new age” streaming companies deliver better experiences to get more viewers and revenue. We work with some great clients: Discovery and Fox amongst many others. We have been in business for five and half years now and continue to develop our global footprint to help clients expertly use data to fast-forward their business success. 

What did you need help with when you engaged Arbor Law?  

We needed a lawyer who was able to get under the skin of our business and operate as part of our management team from the outset. We started off working with a more traditional law firm who did not have the domain experience and found we needed to make the switch to a digital media savvy lawyer who was also experienced with start-ups.  

Dan Adams from Arbor Law is more than a lawyer. He supports us with legal, business affairs, corporate affairs and our funding and commercial strategies. The fact he has deep domain expertise in media and commercial law means that he can be pragmatic and balanced in risk assessments. He’s also interested in the business and what we are doing.  

Why did you choose Arbor Law from a cast of thousands in the legal marketplace? 

We liked the “Virtual General Counsel” approach and the fact that Dan would operate as our own senior in-house lawyer as needed in a cost-effective way. Arbor Law offered flexibility, commerciality and that much needed domain expertise in media law.  

I had worked with Dan in previous companies and knew he had a great track record and was a good personality fit.  

 How does working with the team at Arbor Law add credibility to YOUR success stories at Watching That? 

Having a Virtual General Counsel as part of the team is critical as we go through funding rounds. Dan really does operate as part of our team and is with us on the whole business journey.  

We are also able to plug into other members of the Arbor Law Team as and when we need other legal services. 

What’s the net effect? We love stories that show what a great commercial partner legal can be to the business!  

The results are tangible. Not only do we feel high quality of service, our agreements are much faster now. We have spent a third of what we were previously spending with at traditional law firm, so it is highly capital efficient and a great solution for any start-ups looking for a legal partner as they grow and go through funding rounds. 

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Cam. 

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