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Employment law issues often involve the most important yet delicate business decisions.

At Arbor Law, we appreciate that every business has unique challenges and sometimes, even the smallest employment issues can be complex and confusing to resolve. From advisory and transactional matters to disputes and settlements, we provide employment law advice that’s pragmatic, concise and tailored to your business needs, leaving you with the time to focus on your business.

Providing flexible legal solutions

Wherever you are in your business journey, we can provide you with expert employment law advice and services. Our model is designed to suit the needs of your business, so you can get access to legal support on an ‘as needed’ basis. Alternatively, we can operate as an extension of your business to provide support with day-to-day employment issues.

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Taking care of your legal work

Take a look at the legal support we provide and specialise in:

It’s important that every employee has a written and agreed employment contract in place, regardless of their position. Whether they’re a manager, executive or a junior member, it’s essential that your employees understand the terms and conditions of their role to avoid any potential legal conflict in the future.

Our employment lawyers also draft handbooks to help set expectations, create a work culture and ensure employees feel comfortable in the workplace.

Knowing what to do when there is conflict in your business can be hard, especially if you don’t have the tools or time to take on the matter head first. While they can be resolved internally, sometimes a settlement agreement is required to help end the professional relationship and keep both parties on good terms. We can support you with having those difficult conversations and draft a settlement agreement to handle a dispute between an employee and employer, so that it doesn’t escalate to an employment tribunal.

When an employee makes a claim against your business, it’s important to understand if they have a right to make a claim, and if they do, how to resolve the matter as quickly as possible so it doesn’t cause any damage to your business. From unfair dismissals to discrimination and whistleblowing, we help you to understand your employee’s claim and proactively handle it so it doesn’t cause any reputational damage and cost to your business.

It can be a difficult time for everyone if your business is going through a restructure or if you’re considering cutting down teams. We can provide guidance on how to deal with the legalities of restructuring the business and making redundancies.

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From drafting employment contracts and handbooks to navigating dismissals and redundancies, our employment law specialists work with a range of start-ups and global businesses to guide them through the difficult employment issues that might arise in your workplace.

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