Legal Operations

Arbor Law’s Legal Operations Team will help your legal team to maximise and enhance productivity, reduce costs, streamline processes and focus on value creation: in short to do more with less.

Alongside ad-hoc solutions, we can also undertake a full and forensic analysis of your ‘As Is’ legal function, work with you to agree your ‘To Be’ state and put in place a plan to get there following which we will leverage Arbor’s expertise to deliver. Our plan will group these initiatives into those which ensure better service delivery, technology solutions, continuous improvement, people initiatives and good governance.

To help ensure buy-in from all levels of the business we can work with you to optimise the reporting matrix and strategy alignment and in so doing ensure that the business is as invested in the initiatives as you are.

From a broader business perspective, a successful Legal Operations programme should also translate into improved satisfaction from sales teams, accelerated contract turnaround times and better MI on live and in progress contracts (including contract value, termination dates).

We look forward to working with you to surface, define and ensure successful outcomes for your Legal Operations aspirations.

Contact us to find out more about how Arbor Law’s Legal Operations Team can help your business.

We will work with you to identify which initiatives you need to consider including:

Service Delivery

End to end process mapping and standardisation. Contracting process, governance and review (including contract management and self-serve). Improving the process of engaging and instructing the legal team. External counsel instruction enhancements and panel reviews.


Maximising the technology you already have eg Microsoft technology stack. Optimising legal team exposure on the company intranet and facilitating self-serve. Discovery and implementation of sophisticated contract management and document automation solutions which offer real value to the legal team and business.

Continuous Improvement

Analysis of legal team activities - granular matter, task and complexity reporting via time recording exercises. This can highlight more efficient work completion and automation solutions including team structure refinement, MI/KPI metric and dashboard development (to aid internal and exec level reporting).


Optimising legal team meeting coverage, structure and mode of delivery. Overhaul and streamlining of legal team new starter onboarding processes. Team skills analysis and development. Overall team structure discovery and refinement.


General compliance processes. Risk identification and monitoring. Claims and dispute reporting.