Edward Sexton

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E: edward.sexton@arbor.law

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I have more than 20 years' experience of commercial and contentious practice, working within law firms and as an in-house counsel.

I offer clients a depth of complex international experience covering intellectual property, film and television, tech, payments & finance and sustainability work.

From a well-rounded start to my career with global law firm DLA Piper in Australia, I have led legal and strategic work across:

  • Luxury ready-to-wear fashion design and consulting houses (Paris 2007-2009)
  • International film studios (Sony Pictures 2009-2015, Senior Counsel. EMEA lead on home entertainment digital transition and IP/antitrust; Sugar Cube Animation, acting General Counsel 2015)
  • Major travel and technology platforms (Expedia Group acting head of EMEA brand product & tech 2017-2018, Global Sustainability Counsel 2019-2022, EMEA payments & finance lead counsel 2022-2023; Opodo, eDreams and multi brand Odigeo Group consulting lead UK counsel 2015)

Legal Specialties 

My central specialty is combining core IP-driven commercial need with innovative strategic execution, such as:

  • Leaning on international licensing expertise to accelerate value for patent- or fledgeling brand-driven businesses.
  • Utilising multilingual abilities to harmonise a global legal framework for distribution or outsourcing.
  • Adapting the best legal way to facilitate a highly functioning strategic partnership, enshrining value in the right places from the foundations through to the advanced evolution of the venture.
  • This specialty has found extended homes in the rapidly developing sustainability legal field, as well as core tech, commercial, and payments & finance law.

For me, it is all about value acceleration. It is about spotting latent value-laden patterns and connections, and extending my own consolidated legal range and agility, to translate to greater range and agility for the client.

What Clients Say

I was handed a written reference in my 3rd year of practice at DLA Piper in Sydney as being “one of our best solicitors”. I had previously received the Phillips Fox prize on graduating to the firm. I am proud to say that in evolving as a lawyer and human since that time, not one of my subsequent clients, nor in house employers, has ever known or needed to ask those sorts of things of me.

Behind the lawyer

When not 'lawyering', I enjoy anything on the water, and finishing books started decades earlier!


  • University of Sydney BA (Hons II) LLB 2002
  • New York University Stern Advanced Valuations 2023
  • New York University Stern Essentials of Financial Accounting 2024


  • English
  • French
  • German (advanced)
  • Italian (basic)
  • Romanian (basic)